Poor security management

poor security management

Essay title: “To what extent can poor security management undermine organizational performance? Use theory, evidence and examples to support your.”

  • You decide how best to approach the essay topic. For example, you may decide to focus on security management in one particular industry sector (e.g., healthcare, energy, retail, etc.), and/or you may decide to concentrate solely on specific security threats (e.g., cybercrime, terrorism, etc.).
  • You decide how best to structure your essay. For example, you may wish to create sections with headings (e.g., ‘Factors that drive changes to security’, ‘Potential responses to emerging security issues’, etc.) or you may prefer to stick to a more traditional essay format by using a continuous dialect broken into paragraphs.

Assessment – A Suggested Structure

  • 1 st Paragraph: Introduction

• Provide a brief overview of SM and organisational performance

• Explain the focus and structure of your essay

  • 2 nd Paragraph

• Outline the case for poor security being a factor that undermines organisational performance (use theory, evidence, and/or examples)

  • 3 rd Paragraph

• Outline the case for good security being a factor that improves organisational performance (use theories, evidence and/or examples)

  • 4 th and 5th Paragraphs

• Develop your narrative into a critical discussion (are there any contrarian perspectives?). Compare and contrast the information that you have presented in paragraphs 2 and 3. Highlight any shortcomings in the literature.

  • Final Paragraph: Conclusions

• Summarise your essay and reflect upon your observations. Make recommendations (this could be for SMs, organisations, future research, etc.) and ensure that you have answered the question!

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