Pressure Hydraulics: System Development Plan

Pressure Hydraulics: System Development Plan

In analyzing the information provided about the business cycle of Pressure Hydraulics, this section takes into consideration the business process to work out a business system solution that addresses the process challenges currently being faced.

System overview

The proposed Enterprise resource planning (ERP) system will centralize reporting, allowing Allan, to view all business reports for all service centers from a single portal. The proposed ERP solution will enhance inter-departmental collaboration, ordering, inventory, as well as customer experience and ticket tracking for the mobile workshops. Among other potential benefits of the proposed business solution once implemented at Pressure Hydraulics include, inventory re-order levels, which will allow parts to be ordered for promptly. Additionally, well-vetted suppliers will have a portal linked to the system, which will allow them to update their price-lists, which automatically adjusts prices at the point of sending a quotation or invoice (Keith, Demirkan & Goul 245).

In the illustration above, Pressure Hydraulics has been operating in a rather manual way, which gave room for numerous human errors as a result. To resolve these human-error issues, we have tailored an integrated and automated system (illustrated in Fig 2 and 3) that harmonizes the business processes and unifies the reporting system.         This tailored Pressure Hydraulics ERP system will shorten the process of purchases as well as offer Allan a one-stop reporting tool. This is to mean the Allan will not need to visit any service center to see the inventory levels, sales reports, purchases, or even job cards, as this system will offer real-time reports for all service centers and a general business report. The office assistant, on the other hand, will not require to contact the vendors each time they need to send a quotation as the integrated inventory module as well as the vendor module is always updated with current parts and valid vendor prices. Once an item is selected from the inventory list, the associated vendor price plus markup is automatically updated on the quotation form. Equally, technician’s will have a user portal that allows them to fill in job-card details and attach a signed job-card for reconciliation by the workshop foreman and review by the office assistant before invoicing (Keith, Demirkan & Goul 237).

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