process of integration in Europe culminating in the establishment of the European Union

Make use of material from the required readings in writing your essay (attached files). You are not required to use additional sources BUT may do so if you wish and if they are pertinent to your topic. Take care to provide citations (by means of notes or references) for those sources referred to or drawn upon in the essay, including those selected from the required readings.

european union history summary,

why was the european union formed,

european union history timeline,

european economic community founded,

when was the european union formed 1957,

european union purpose,

european economic community date founded,

european coal and steel community,

Answer one of the following questions in the form of an essay. Your written work should be no more than 2000 words in length.1) Consider the process of integration in Europe culminating in the establishment of the European Union. To what extent and how did economic concerns shape this process? What does European integration tell us about the relationship between economics and politics?
2) What accounts for the development and growth of transnational production and the associated proliferation and expanded activities of transnational (or multinational) corporations (TNCs)? What, if any, are the political consequences of the role TNCs play in the global economy?

NB! Extensive use of sources without source references is regarded as cheating!
Assignment length: 2000 words. Front page: candidate nr (18)., subject code (STV-2005), semester/year (spring 2018). Technical requirements: font size 12, line spacing 1,5 and margins 2,50 cm.
Do not write my name on the first page.

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