Project Evaluation and Control

Project Evaluation and Control


The success of overhauling the human resources system, in order to make the human resources functions available over the web portal, will be indicated by the attainment of the set objectives, within the set period, and using the budgeted human and financial resources. The overall objective of undertaking this essential project is to expand the market share, cultivate client’s trust and developing a positive image. The project will be implemented in five phases, which will take six months to complete. The successful completion of the project will integrate knowledge, input, resources, and contribution of every manager and employee in the organization. The ensuing segment highlights the critical elements that will be measured, how they will be measured, and when they will be measured as the project progresses.

Measurable Objectives

Key elements of the project will include

  1. Setting Goals and Objectives

This will involve coming up with tangible goals, developing project charter, submitting the charter, and having the charter approved by the management. The employees’ management and other stakeholders will also be informed about the project, its importance, and the role there are expected to play in its implementation. This will be measured at the end of the first month. The  deliverable product will clear objectives, all stakeholders knowing their roles, having the proposal approved by the organization management, and having a drafted work map that will guide the entire process.

  1. System Analysis and information gathering

The aim of carrying out the system analysis and the evaluation of the proposal is to identify all the information, resources, knowledge, skill, and other elements that will be essential in the successful implementation of the project. The deliverable product will be data gathered from all employees, working map, proposed recommendation for the plan, and the roles that will be played by each stakeholder. This will be measured at the end of the second month.

  1. Coding For The Program, Designing And Creating The Website

This involves coding the website, designing the website, and arranging the information for all the employees in a way that will be user friendly. The product of this stage will be a fully functioning website. This will be measured at the end of the fifth month.

  1. Testing, training and Launching the cite

This stage will deal with ascertaining the dependability…………………….

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