QNT 5160- Guidelines for Individual Case Assignment-Cutting Edge

QNT 5160- Guidelines for Individual Case Assignment-Cutting Edge

QNT 5160

Guidelines for Individual Case Assignment: Cutting Edge


This is an individual assignment and therefore must be completed by the individual student without outside assistance.  In order to complete the assignment, first read the case write-up for the “Cutting Edge” case.  Then answer the questions listed below for each part of the case.

  • Part 1 questions refer to the 2 years leading up to the opening of the new call center.
  • Part 2 questions refer to the first 13 weeks of operation after opening the call center.
  • Part 3 questions refer to the first 18 months of operating the call center.

Your answers must be entered directly into this Word document below each question.  Insert each answer below each question on this document and use as much space as needed.  Questions 3a and 3b each require the completion of an Excel spreadsheet.  Submit your completed Word document and these two Excel spreadsheets to the Blackboard assignment box before the posted deadline.  You may submit additional Excel spreadsheets if you feel they are necessary to support your answers.



A total of 100 percentage points is possible for this assignment.  This includes the point values which are assigned to each question (point values are noted next to each question below) plus 10 points which are earned based on following the prescribed assignment format, and the proper writing style and APA format.  The percentage points earned on this assignment will be multiplied by 25 to obtain the assignment grade (e.g., 85% on this paper * 25 = 21.25 points for the case study)

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