Essay Questions to ask Students on learning Philosophy?

Essay  Questions to ask Students on learning Philosophy?

What are you views on learning Philosophy? Do you think it is important?

Do you actually think we should be learning philosophy at all?

Does learning philosophy improve the learning experience?

How do you feel about the teaching norms today?

Are there instances you feel the current teaching norms especially on philosophy are not student friendly? Or are they fully friendly

What are your suggestions on how to solve such challenges?

Would you actually say learning philosophy allows learning skills say participation?

Do you think there are other skills we could learn if we change the current teaching norms?

Essays about narrative(building teaching), expository(practical learning), and persuasive( teaching process).
and each essay has a different teaching philosophy . I highlight it to you .
i post an example of concept map please put some pictures that describe each philosophy as the example . Also the teacher want us to make a dissusion so can you help me with this to how to make discussion by writing question and to make the students participate with me ??
please make the concept map creative

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