Racism in the Movie Crash

Racism in the Movie Crash


Racism is a widespread    problem across many countries in the world .in this regard it continues to be a vice that needs to be curbed and contained to manageable levels or to be a thing of the past (Zhaoyang, 2007). Racism is showing preferential advantages to people of their color while exhibiting negative signs and talk to those that don’t have your skin color. In some instances people’s culture play a big role in the perpetuation of racism. For this reason, I wish to look at racism under the following subtitles; concept of institutional racism\systemic racism, liberal views on racism, general racism, racism according to   the movie crash,

Racism overview

There are underlying issues that make racism exist. Hierarchical structure in racism comes about due to racism, which is followed by categorization. It broadens to even power struggles where some communities believe that they are privileged to hold power positions than others hence exhibit racism (Burris, 2014).Skin color plays a vital role where some white skinned people believe that they are more superior than others .this is evident in colonization that links even to the biological determination of racism (Orbe&Kinefuchi, 2008).

Concept of Institutional Racism\Systemic Racism

Systemic racism comes about when an individual exhibits uncultured values and signs to another are shown. These values and signs in the social institutions such as schools, hospitals and, therefore, social racism are the processes by which different people of the same background single out others of a different background regarding discrimination and other racial ideology. Some media houses tend to racism, and this becomes a way of sustaining them, it is even widespread to learn even institutions that cannot absorb students from some cultures and races.

Liberal Views on Racism……………..

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