Reflection Writing- English 101

Reflection Writing- English 101

Individual Plan for Success Paper: Based on your experiences and learning in this class, write a two-page reflection paper answering the following questions:

a) What did you learn about yourself by participating in the course?

a. Are you currently as academically successful as you would like to be? Why or why not?

b. Are you as engaged as you would like to be? Why or why not?

c. Are you making the most out of your experience at shcool and in Boise so far?

b) If you are not where you would like to be, what can you do differently to be more successful in your classes, be more socially engaged on campus, and to make the most out of your experience at school and in Boise? Name at least three actions you will take to improve your academic performance in your classes, and explain why you feel these actions will help you improve

I have always thought I know it all about in English until I attended English 101 and realized there is a lot more to learn, and English never ceases to advance and transform just as other aspects and subject in the world today. If someone told me to give an account of my experience with English 101, I would tell them look at the first article I wrote before I attended the class, and this, which is my last outline of this class. Am not only proficient, but am too open to embracing new aspects of writing, communication and I also seem to have the art of choosing the right words to communicate. If you ask me, English 101 was not just a class; it was an experience of a lifetime. I enjoyed every minute of being in the class and was quite eager to attend. Just as our instructor did note, English 101 is just the first step to the realm of English hence I have to be open to learning much more.

I have been asked the question whether I am academically successful as I would like to be. My answer is I have just begun, and in my current level I would say am successful to have learnt the basics of English. Learning subjects such as English is considered complicated by most individuals, but by looking at how I ace in my results I would say am doing fairly well for my level. Additionally, am still open to learning new concepts and refreshing those concepts that I have learnt. It may have been complicated to begin since I did use English as my first language, which meant I learnt to use articles and preposition wrongly, but am still open to learning much more.

I would say the speed at which I would like to learn English is not the same case as in reality. As an individual who is eager to learn, I wish it were quite possible to have all the concepts and attributes of the language all at once just as computer does with software. However, I realize making mistakes is also part of learning and we all learn in stages. For now, I like my pace of learning.

Am still yet to make the best of what I have learnt considering am still in school, which means I need to find a way of making it part of me. Although I have to confess, I have been at loggerhead with most of my cliques especially when I tell them what well-structured sentences look like, and how they could avoid grammatical errors hence improving their language. Nonetheless, I hope to begin writing publishable article soon, which will be a better way of making use of language skills.

English is quite a useful tool to posses and have the ability to use with utmost precision. I know it is not easy to learn all aspects until I use English often through different capacities. Psychologists recommend the best way to learn a language is by using several forms of senses. I plan to make use of my writing skills and writing articles, which I will share online through the social media. Such writing will encourage me to have my personal blog where I will post these articles. I also hope to engage several of my friends in English quizzes and lastly make English a form of entertainment through constantly playing scrabble a word game.

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