The Response to Quote #1’s Peer Response 1

Peer Response

The Response to Quote #1’s Peer Response 1

Yes, I agree with Rebecca that parents’ opinion about the effects of the media on children should be taken into consideration. Parents have the responsibility to protect their children from what may be considered as the bad media influence or bad content influence, which, if not managed could compromise the upbringing of a child. Therefore, contrary to your opinion that the blame should befall the parents, I would say both the media and parents are equally responsible. I should also comment that televisions should advise viewers appropriately on the recommended ages which are allowed to watch certain programs. On the other hand, Parents should be keen in ensuring that their children view appropriate material by monitoring the content aired by these media stations or limiting the time a child watches television.

The Response to Quote #3’s Peer Response 2

Yes, it is true that advertisers’ hard work often translates to higher sales for the products, even if the products’ target group is children. It is also very clear that whether an advertisement targets to prompt an individual into thinking about the products or raising awareness of the products, people often tend to buy more of that product. For instance, whenever there is an advertisement that involves dancing, children will often try to mimic those dance moves, which means that, besides familiarization with a product, or the advertisement, on a bigger scale, the media does influence the mental and behavioral pattern of children. Unfortunately, in instances when an advertisement consists of obscene dancing, the effect may trickle down to the character of a child. Thus, it may be worth to note that uncontrolled media may be more detrimental as it may have overall effect on the characters of the children. Regrettably, as opposed to television components, it may not be possible to limit children from the adverts since they appear at anytime of the day. However, parents can discuss with the children the impact of watching such scenes and ask for their opinion on how they feel about these programs



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