Retail Marketing

Operations Management & Quality

Part I 25%
Review the core concepts of lean operations and process mapping.
Critically discuss how healthcare operational improvements were achieved in the Karolinska Hospital case study.
Part II 75%
Management demonstrated by mapping and redesigning a healthcare process
Using the procedure known as ‘process mapping’ or ‘flow charting’, use quality improvement tools to track, chart and describe the experience of a patient journey through a defined process. Alternatively, if you have no access to patients you can track, chart and describe a defined healthcare process within your work setting. Using the principles of operations management and quality improvement tools, suggest realistic approaches to optimisation of the process. Apply the characteristics and techniques of project management in your assignment. Reflect on your experience of doing this project


Interview a person, not a friend or a family member, using the Calgary Family Assessment Model.
Complete an ecomap using symbols found on page 89. describe the person using structural, developmental and functional assessments: roles they assume and in what stage the person is functioning. discuss the boundaries found. see page 62-64

Assignment Brief – Research Methods for Practice 2014-15 – (discussion paper)

Assignment focus A 2500 word written assignment that requires you to critically evaluate the research method(s) that may be used to address a research question.
The Research Question to address is – “Does The Role Of a Community Matron Reduce Hospital Admissions?”

Retail Marketing

High street retailers in the UK face two serious challenges: the convenience of online shopping; and poor economic conditions that have significantly eroded individual and household spending power.
The balance of power has shifted to favour consumers. Retailers must reassess how they do business. According to the British Retail Consortium, improving customer service, providing better value for money and superior shopping experiences are essential for retailers’ survival.
For this assignment, imagine that you have been retained as a consultant by a retailer of your choice within the greater Leeds metropolitan area. You have been commissioned to write a report for their Board of Directors analysing their market and competitive set. Your report must be based on thorough secondary and primary research identifying key issues and making recommendations of the activities which should be followed by your client.
Leeds is a vibrant city with extensive city centre shopping facilities and your report needs to take into account this context. You may find more information on the Leeds City Council website: .
Your research must show an understanding of theoretical concepts of Retail Marketing as well as their practical application. It is up to you to choose the most effective theoretical frameworks and to explain your findings in a way that is relevant to your imagined client.
Your research will combine primary research with customers and in-store with relevant academic literature and industry reports.

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