Reviewing Financial Statements Apple Inc.

Reviewing Financial Statements

The company identified for this assignment is Apple Inc. Its interest is based on the fact that it is a company that has been a market leader in the provision of computers, mobile phones and mobile devices as well as software that is exclusive to its products. Despite all odds however, the company has flourished and continues to flourish. Exploring its financial statements sheds new light on its operations and shrewdness as a business entity.

Apple Inc. stock IPO was initially offered over thirty years ago on December 12th, 1980. It sold 4.6 million shares at $22 each, and generated more capital than had ever been generated by a company on an initial public offering on the stock market, since Ford Motor Company in the mid 50s. Apple Inc has continued to grow and its stock trade volume currently ranks fifth on the stock market.

Due to the challenges that Apple Inc. has faced in the last few years, many would assume that the company is faring poorly and may hesitate to invest in it. However, the most current information reveals that this is not so. The past year seems to have been kind to the company. The financial statements reviewed are as follows: The Income Statement reflects the year 2014 and the reporting date of the Balance Sheet reviewed is September 27th, 2014. The Net Income generated by the company in that year was $39.51 billion and Net Income per share is $103.74. With a Profit Margin for the year 2014 being 38.66%, it would seem that indeed the 5th place ranking on the stock market is not a false representation of the facts.

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