Reviewing VPN (Virtual private network)

Abstract / Summary in relation to VPN (Virtual private network) (1/3 page)
Outlining what your paper will cover. A broad overview of VPN (Virtual private network).
Introducing the topic (2/3 page)
Summary of what your topic is. What is it? Why is it important to review Virtual private network?
Be sure to dive deep into the technical details of all relevant protocols and explain the overall VPN (Virtual private network) architecture and how access is granted

what i need to know is what are  all the protocols regarding VPN and that basically how VPN technically works. All protocoals like PPTP,L2TP AND … and how they work. What you wrote is mostly about the affect of VPN (Virtual private network) on a company, but, what I want is how VPN works,overall VPN architecture and how access is granted.

Ideas to Incoporate

The internet connection is actually a network, with VPN (virtual private network) you create another network connection within the internet connection.

It actually is called a tunnel connection. Your machine, by doing this, can act as if it is within the building which contains the network. You will get a “private” IP address from the Network you connect into, that private IP is given out through the internet to your machine. It makes data that is sent back and forth between the two locations, very secure..

Is easy way VPN is virtual network between computers not in same domain or Group but you can access them simillar to network in your home or company

it useful to access your data from anywhere and from any device like your laptop or pda


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