Roles and Responsibilities

  • Roles and Responsibilities

Based on the readings, discuss the roles and responsibility of human service workers in the role of protecting children. What are some key points from the NASW Codes of Ethics and NOHS Ethical Standards for Human Services Professionals that are important to consider in child and family protection practices? What are key points to consider from these readings when looking at areas of research and social policy development for working with child and family protection practices?


  • Legal and Ethical Issues

As part of this unit’s readings, you have reviewed
 ethical standards for human services professionals, and have read the case scenario of Sara Craft on page 380 of your Understanding Child Abuse and Neglect text. You have also viewed the Riverbend City scenario. Consider the case of Sara, a new child protective worker, and the case of Jessica Jameson, the novice nurse concerned about possible child abuse in a Hmong family. Think about the Code of Ethics and the Ethical Standards for Human Services Professionals as they relate to the roles of the supervisors for both of these workers who are new in their fields. Compare and contrast the decisions that were made by the supervisors in coaching their employees about how to practice ethical human service interventions with different cultures where issues of child abuse or neglect are a concern. How did the supervisors in these situations balance empathy with structure, assertiveness, and authoritative guidance? How does the role of supervisor with a staff member parallel the role of a child protective worker with a client in practicing ethical and culturally sensitive interventions?

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