Royal Hotel Problem Memo

Royal Hotel Problem Memo

To:       Blake Cantera, IT

From:    Name (insert your name)

cc:       GM the Royal Hotel

Date:    April 5th 2015

Re:       Most Likely Reasons for the Failure of the Royal Hotel Project

As you well know, the Royal Hotel project encountered some problems. In as much as there might be other smaller reasons why this project is in trouble, I believe the following are the most likely problems that hindered the success of the project, and, which ought to be addressed for project to deliver to its promise.

System design needs to be as promised. The system should be re-designed to perform all the functions that would solve the hotel challenges (Piccoli, 2012). The Espresso application needs to be integrated well in the system to offer rapid communication between the maintenance department and the housekeepers. The system should have a smooth interface that is user friendly and that facilitates and executes smooth flow of information, rapid response delivery, and reliable report generation.

The employees need to be efficiently trained on the importance of the new system. In as much as the training was sailing afloat, the employees need to be motivated into accepting the new system (Piccoli, 2012). They should be asked to pinpoint the challenges that they encountered when adapting to the system. The new design and training packages should fit within the expectation of all the stakeholders.

Finally, the implementation and testing of the project should bring all stakeholders on board. The management, software vendor, and the IT department of the Royal Hotel should be highly involved in the project implementation. They should also be involved during the testing of the system. Lack of involvement of all the stakeholders leaves grey areas in a project that mainly lead to its failure.


Piccoli, G. (2012). Information systems for managers: text & cases. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley.

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