Scholarship Essay

Scholarship Essay

NOTICE: All the prompts listed do not relate to one another. They are all separate topics.

1) You just won a $10 million lottery jackpot! How will you spend it, and how will you make it last? (800 words max)
Include a works-cited page with at least three (3) sources. Tell us about your savvy investment strategy. Will you take your winnings in a lump sum, or will you select monthly (or yearly) payments? Pick one of those payment plans, and discuss the advantages of your choice. Create a plan that incorporates taxes and investments so that you can meet your long-term needs. Show original, critical thinking for achieving immediate and future financial goals while considering today’s economic climate. As you relate your plan, bring awareness to the long-term value and potential of your new-found wealth.
2) Write an essay of 600 words on ONE of the following topics
– How we can help people with Cystic Fibrosis
-How can you raise awareness or revenue for research of the disease
Include a brief cover letter with contact information
3) Essay (800 words max.) – Why are you interested in pursuing a career in behavioral sciences? Why a career in behavioral health is important to you?
4) In 450 words answer ONE of the following questions:
– Aww, man! You just HAD to be there! Tell us about a favorite photo and the story behind it. Why is it memorable? What did it capture? (Remember: we can’t see that photo, so make it come alive with your words.)
– Share a moment you wish you had a photograph to remember. What would that picture have captured? Take us back through time and frame it for us.

5) Please use the following information if needed regarding these two essays to explain into further details:
-Biology major to become doctor
– Currently relying on scholarships and federal pell grant to finance education because of low-income, jobless
-transitioning from community college to a university this year
-Vietnamese heritage

-In 250 words, please state clearly your need for financial assistance-basically, letting us know your financial reasoning behind applying and why you would benefit from being awarded a scholarship. Here are some points that you should consider including: How are you currently financing your education? What would you gain from this scholarship? Would it help you to be able to work less so that you can focus on your studies? What difficulties have you faced in paying for your education? Are there extra costs this year?

-Please submit an essay of 800 words in response to the following question:
How will you draw upon your cultural heritage to shape your vocational aspirations, offer creative value to your future employer, and serve your community?

In 2003, many people had a hard time imagining the words “Amish” and “Internet” as compatible. Yet when DutchCrafters founder Jim Miller was looking for products to sell on an e-commerce platform that year, he found them within his own Amish and Mennonite heritage. Amish furniture represented integrity, authenticity and long-lasting value – precisely the alternative to cheap imported products that were flooding the Internet at that time. By offering a high level of customer service that matched the quality of the products, Miller was able to differentiate his brand through looking within his own heritage. Essays are expected to be written in a formal paragraph form. Style and creativity will also be taken into account.

6) Give a summary of why you want this scholarship and your intended career path in 500 words (Use above information for reference).

7) Write a cover letter in 600 words explaining why you are a good candidate for this scholarship and why you are pursuing an education in your field of choice.

8) Write an essay of 850 words, promoting a practical approach to healthy lifestyle during college years and how these habits can be sustained over a lifetime. Demonstrate detailed knowledge of health and wellness and discuss why healthy living is a lifetime endeavor.
9) Please submit a 550 word essay about the most interesting item you have ever received in the mail. This can be a letter or postcard, a package or gift, an advertisement, or any other parcel delivered by mail. Explain why this article of mail was so fascinating to you and how it has impacted your life. Essays will be judged on how well-written, compelling and persuasive they are.
10) Book: Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand. Write an essay of 1,500 words in response to one of the prompts. Essays will be judged on whether they are clearly written, articulate, and logically organized, style and content. Winning essays must demonstrate an outstanding grasp of the philosophic meaning of Atlas Shrugged.

-At his trial, Hank Rearden declares: “The public good be damned, I will have no part of it!” What does he mean? How does this issue relate to the novel’s theme?
-Who is John Galt?
-What is the meaning of money to Francisco d’Anconia? To James Taggart? How do these characters’ views on money relate to the events of the story?
11) Students must outline in 200 words how they intend to change America.
12) Your submission will be a 800 word essay discussing emergency medical care from the perspective of a medical student. Basic life support is a critical skill for all healthcare providers and advanced and pediatric life support are also practiced by certain nurses and physicians depending on where they are working. Please explain how you will prepare mentally and physically before performing life saving techniques on patients in your career. Working as a healthcare provider can be a stressful and rewarding career. And we are looking for your insight and advice for other students entering the field. We are judging your essays based on helpfulness and sincerity.
13) To enter, applicants must submit a 550 word essay on the most creative way you have overcome prejudice in a school, social or professional setting.
14) (800 word essay): How can a company selling garage door repair service stand out from the crowd?

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