Schumpeter (1934) describes the ‘entrepreneur as a ‘deviant’

Please choose 1 of the following questions as your assessment title for semester A:

1) Schumpeter (1934) describes the ‘entrepreneur as a ‘deviant’. How does this view of an entrepreneur fit with current research centered on and around entrepreneurial activity today? You need to bring together many academic themes, arguments and theories to make your work robust. You also need to conduct research and debate key areas so as to make your work well ‘rounded’ so as to offer as many viewpoints as you see fit, in order to back up your


In each case we expect reference to at least 6 authors’ references need to be drawn from the reading list and material given and referred to in the seminars, then related to your viewpoint of entrepreneurial theory. These need to be debated and argued fully to obtain an assignment pass. These should be argued and debated through a coherent, structured essay and the stronger essays will relate theories to real world examples of entrepreneurship. Assignments which do not draw from material discussed within seminars will not be viewed as appropriate work. The assignment should be presented as a scholarly essay with appropriate referencing, not as a business style report with short sub-sections and bullet points.

While analysing the novel given in the title, the following TWO main headings ought to be kept in consideration: Cultural Hybridity, explaining pre-9/11 assimilation of Pakistani characters in American socio-cultural and professional environment; and,

Post-9/11 Transformation, explaining resentment of and disengagement from the American socio-cultural and geo-political policies, need and importance of Pakistanisation/indigenisation, in the wake of 9/11 strikes, under separate headings, as given below.
In addition, Postcolonial Theory featuring Cultural Hybridity should be applied as a theoretical framework, with special emphasis on Frantz Fanon’s “The Wretched of the Earth”, Edward W. Said’s “Orientalism” and Homi K. Bhabha’s “The Location of Culture”.

The above mentioned TWO main headings may likely to have the following subheadings:

Cultural Hybridity should have the following subheadings:

1. Pre-9/11 Outlook of America.
1.1. Socio-Personal and Professional Chronicles of American Dream.
2. Self-Resoluteness Grounded in Relations.
2.1. Farhana and America: Personal-Political Nexus Iconised and Symbolised.
3. Collocation of East and the West: Pakistan and American Setting/Milieu.
4. Revisiting Indigenous Identity.
Note: This section of analysis complies with the theorists mentioned above.

Post-9/11 Transformation may have the following subheadings:

1. Fighting Muslim/ Islamic Stereotypes.
2. The Novel and Geopolitical Critique: Capital and Cultural Superiority.
3. The Novel and Geopolitical Critique: Resentment and Repugnance of America.
Note: This section of the analysis disagrees with the theorists mentioned above and rejects American socio-cultural and geo-political policies. Important Instruction: The said research paper should be contextualised in American and Pakistani environments

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