Securing Network Devices

Scenario: Securing Network Devices

You have been hired as a consultant to secure all network devices for a large firm.

1. Describe the steps you would take to determine the needs of the organization (the discovery of the network devices)

2. Detail the countermeasures (and tools) you would put in place.

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Securing Network Devices

Securing network devices has become an important aspect of consideration for almost all organizations today. The increasing use of internet has become an avenue that allows the occurrence of security threats. Many organizations in today’s world have tried to resolve this issue by introducing security measures to counter the emerging concerns (Perlman & Speciner 2002, P110). For example, many business firms secure their information from the internet threats by use of firewalls and encryption mechanisms. When conducting a security assessment in a firm the following devices should be considered in order to come up with countermeasures to tackle the issue of security in the organization (Perlman & Speciner 2002, P110).


According to Perlman & Speciner (2002), in any organization, the router is located in the outermost layer of the network system. Its main role to route or forward IP packets to their respective network destinations based on their IP addresses. This request can be inbound requests sent by internet clients to a webserver, outgoing requests coming from internal clients or requests responses. The router should also be responsible of blocking unauthorized or undesired traffic that occurs between networks.


The main function of a firewall in a network is to protect a network from an external intrusion. It does so by blocking all the unnecessary ports and to prevent traffic from unknown ports. The firewall should be able to monitor incoming requests to avoid known attacks from accessing the webserver. The firewall is coupled with intrusion detection and thus becomes a useful tool for the prevention of attacks and dete

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