Security Strategy

To what extent and in what ways did colonialism differentially transform maritme south east asia’s socio economic, socio political and cultural characteristics, with what implications for the future?

1) essay should be analytical rather than descriptive. The argument should be well structured and the essay should be interactive, involving the reader by asking various questions and then answering them yourself
2) should contain a bibliography, footnotes and the pages should be numbered

Security Strategy

Write a 2,475-word paper in which you design a physical, personal and information systems security plan for your organization (The Verona Rail Station) Provide the rationale and a preliminary budget for your recommendations.

550-words: Complete the Comprehensive Sustainment Budget form with data from the paper.
Provide an Introduction and Conclusion.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

Include in this Security Strategy paper from the topics below.

(Topics of consideration based on the Risk and Threat Assessment provided)

Establishing a Security Strategy
1. Lines of Defense (Concentric Zones)
2. Dynamic D’s
3. Interior/Exterior Model
4. Target hardening
5. Deterrence

Physical Security:
Facility Perimeter
1. Fencing
2. Landscaping
3. Parking
4. Employee parking are illumination
5. Visitor parking illumination
6. Employee parking area monitoring
7. Visitor parking area monitoring
8. Lighting
9. Vehicular traffic pattern
10. Trash removal
11. Protection from adjacent occupancies
12. Proper signage
13. Barriers/Wedges
14. Close Circuit Television (CCTV)

1. Description of building
2. Common walls with adjacent occupancies
3. Exterior door construction
4. Exterior door locks
5. Door lock operation
6. Exterior window construction
7. Window height above ground
8. Window security
9. Roof access restriction
10. Building exterior lighting
11. Shipping/receiving area monitoring
12. Emergency exit
13. Emergency exits unobstructed
14. Interior door construction
15. Interior wall construction
16. Antitheft systems/mechanisms

Access Control
1. Intrusion detection
2. Building entrances minimized
3. Employee entrance monitoring
4. Visitor/guest entrance monitoring
5. Interior door locks
6. Key control system
7. Key sign-out/assignment system
8. Keys accounted for
9. Key safeguards
10. Employee distinguishableness
11. Visitor/Guest supervision
12. Restricted access to sensitive/vulnerable areas
13. Computer/data storage restrictions
14. Key storage area restrictions
15. Mechanical/utility room restrictions
16. Telecommunications room restrictions
17. Mailroom restrictions
18. Executive office suite restrictions
19. Vendor access
20. Vault/safe security
21. Controlled substance security
22. Hazardous Material security
23. Cash/liquid asset protection
24. Proper signage to direct visitors

Alarm and Surveillance Systems
1. Fire alarm system
2. Sprinkler system
3. Fire extinguishers
4. Fire suppression
5. Fire alarm system testing
6. Gas line protection
7. Electric power cord protection
8. Fire doors functional
9. Flammable material storage
10. Fire notification plan
11. Fire evacuation plan
12. Fire exits unobstructed
13. Fire exits secured from outside
14. In house fire brigade
15. Fire safety policy/procedures
16. Address prominently displayed
17. Testing: Scientific Method

Personal Security
1. Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)
a. Protective masks
b. Protective clothing
2. Personal Protection Training
a. Defense tactics
3. Lifeline Learning
4. Systematic Research
5. Litigation threats

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