Selling Security to the Organization

Selling Security to the Organization

what are the four (4) major parts of an information systems security policy,

key elements of information security,

elements of information security plan,

key elements of information security program,

five components of information security,

what is information security policy,

what are the elements of security,

information security policy,

Please type a three- to five-page (800 to 1,200 words) paper. Using APA style, assess the importance of developing a comprehensive security policy within the organization. What you need to convey to your CEO is that network attacks are continuing to make the news and organizations have reacted by increasingly spending more of their overall IT budget on security. Business executives are starting to have questions about what they’re receiving for their increased IT security spending. Make the case to justify this spending by describing at least five main sections of an information security policy and the business benefits generated if a company’s employees comply with each section. Use transition words, a thesis statement, an introduction, a body, a conclusion, and a reference page with at least two references. Use double-spaced, 12-point Arial font.

Assignment Grading Rubric

Graded Element Percentage
Assignment Content
Importance of developing a comprehensive information security policy
Discuss network attacks and their impact on security spending
Required Length 10%
Spelling and Grammar 5%
APA Style 5%

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