Setting SMART goals for Controlling function of management

In order to complete this assignment, you will need to revise the two SMART goals you created in week four, and then design control methods for them. If you’ve forgotten what these SMART goals are, your planning assignment can be accessed by going back to the module four course project page and clicking the file at the very bottom. This will pull up your submission.
Controlling is the final function of management. Its purpose is to create ways to monitor and track the progress of goals. This means that the activities in controlling have a very close relationship to the decisions made in planning. For this week’s course project, you will be using a template to track and measure the goals you created in the planning portion of the course project.

Download the control template in the resources section below and complete the following:

Points to Addressed

Improve and revise the goals from the week four course project assignment.

Each page will evaluate one of your SMART goals.

Fill out the chart, giving basic information about each goal.

Explain the system that you will create to track each goal.

Demonstrate an understanding of your obligation to complete this goal within the given time frame.

Develop and identify adjustments that can be made if the business is falling behind in achieving these SMART goals.

An example has been provided below the template. It will provide some guidance on how the final product should look.

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