social contract theory

social contract theory

Part I
1. According to social contract theory, is it ever ethical for a member of a community to oppose or defy the laws of that community? Explain.
2. Identify and briefly explain the two main principles of John Rawls’ theory of justice.
Part II Discussion

  1. Economic research shows that people who are protected from a risk (via some type of hedge or insurance) are more likely to engage in risky behavior. For example, the availability of federal flood insurance makes it more likely that people will choose to reside in flood plains. A person with a fully insured automobile (no deductible) will be more likely to drive it in icy weather than someone who has a large deductible policy. And so on. Research also shows that if people have pre-paid group coverage for a good or service, they tend to consume more of it than if they paid for it out of pocket and separately.

    This body of research has important implications for the US healthcare debate. While nearly everyone agrees that the US system needs reform and that all citizens deserve some type of coverage, general agreement pretty much ends there. The difficulty is to come up with a system of universal coverage that is not only fair and equitable (e.g., is it fair that citizen X, who is extremely health-conscious, must contribute tax dollars to support citizen Y, who smokes, is obese, and is careless about her health?) but one that is also effective, economical, and does not waste resources.

Without getting into politics or the relative merits of specific proposals, What is your view? Is universal healthcare a basic right (i.e., something that should be provided to all citizens under Rawls’ equal liberty principle) or merely a desirable social goal? If a community adopts a system of universal healthcare, do its citizens then have a moral duty to practice good health habits and to refrain from abusing or overusing the system?

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