Social Influence

Question; social influence

  • Give at least two (2) examples of social influence that you have learned from this class. Explain the main reason(s) why you believe it is important to understand such types of social influence.
  • Identify one (1) behavior that you will likely change as a result of what you have learned in this class. Describe at least one (1) reason why you will likely change the selected behavior.


There are three sorts of social influence. Conformity includes an adjustment in a man’s demeanors or conduct in light of (regularly verifiable) weight from others. This type of social influence is important to understand so that we can learn to adjust to new ideas and change our mentality from the current information around us. for example in politics you can be a supporter of Trump but with new information being revelead and peoples review divert and support Hillary. it is also an important factor in persuasion.Compliance includes obliging unequivocal solicitations made by is an important factor in persuasion where you give in to something to gain something that will benefit you more. At last, acquiescence or obedience which includes offering into the charges of a power. adhering to authority helps one to avoid trouble which is a good thing.

From this class one behaviour i will end completeley is giving in to peoples solicitations in situations that i am not gaining, compliance to such things might lead me to trouble that i will not get rewarded for. peer pressure for example smoking for fun to please friends and you not gaining anything positive from prticipating in that activity.


In your own words, how did the Ashcan School depict New York and society, in general, in contrast to Gilded Age artists, such as John Singer Sargent? What motivated the Ashcan artists to focus on these objects? Please explain?

According to Erikson, at what stage do babies learn whether or not the world around them is safe? a. Industry Versus inferiority b. Initiative versus guilt c. Autonomy versus shame d. Trust versus mistrust

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