Socialization/Social Hierarchy

Socialization/Social Hierarchy 

For this assignment, you are being asked to reflect on the socialization process you experienced, with a particular focus on education as a social structure.

Based on the previous attached paper, you may continue to interview the family member or close friend that you interviewed.

while describing the culture of your school (or the culture of your chosen family member’s or close friend’s school), explain how it was a social institution. You may select your (or your chosen person’s) K–12 or college experience. Select two functions of education and schooling and apply them to your own educational experience (or the educational experience of your chosen person). How did these two functions of education shape your (or your chosen person’s) identity?

Applying your understanding of social hierarchy, analyze how your educational experience contributed to your identity formation (or how your chosen person’s educational experience contributed to his or her identity formation). Conclude your post by assessing the benefits and drawbacks that you experienced related to your education, or that your chosen family member or close friend experienced. When responding to your peers, further apply the concepts of social institution and social hierarchy to their personal experiences or the experiences of their chosen family member of friend

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