sociological imagination; Understanding Demography

Understanding Demography

sociological imagination by applying something that we discussed in class, covered in lectures, read in your textbook, or saw in a video to your everyday life. The blog must be at least 300 words in length and respond specifically to some of the topics discussed in class. You must have ONE SOURCE that is not your textbook, power point slides, or class notes. Tell me: add more information by including a new source argument whether you thought the movies and clips were thought-provoking or just did not provide a strong enough whether you agree or disagree with how a topic was represented (make sure to tell me whey you feel they way you do) how you feel about specific topics that were presented in class

Understanding Demography

It is quite interesting to watch the video by Joel Cohen and to comprehend an introduction of the world’s demography in a nutshell. Joel take a no joke demeanor yet communicates by using different forms of illustrations that enable the viewer to comprehend the magnitude of the issues he is trying to raise. His propositions arouse the concerns on why the society should be keen to adopt those trends that are in line with assumptions and the goals that they have set in place.

I agree with him in how he notes that understanding societal demographics is as essential and useful to wards hypothesizing those goals that we would like to achieve in the future. Using the knowledge, I have gained from classes, and by looking at the societal trends. I can say that both the assumptions that he adopts such as formulating the statistics on the number of the world’s population prior to how governments adopted census or any other population monitoring mechanism that are in the world today, he has chosen a unique approach that delivers an intended attention to the listeners and viewers.

I feel that the society is yet to realize there is the need to monitor the overall goals and the needs it may have in future, if they are to maintain a balance on the resources they will have. The presentation of the topic allows the viewer and the listener to be in touch with those ideologies being raised and to understand how the future will be if the society adopts different strategies. It is even better to know that just as there will be a level of growth in the population of people, so is the level of growth that will be experienced on other environmental infrastructures such as cities and the buildings in them.

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