Sociology Discussion Board

Human Capital Strategic Plan – Develop an action plan w/milestones

Develop and implement a marketing strategy to educate employees on the attached plan, specifically the goals and initiatives that support the work that will be done in the next 3-4 years.

Concept of Operations: Take the following into consideration
– A thorough understanding of the Human Capital Assessment and Accountability Model

o Specifically HCAAF Metrics

– How the plan supports the Federal Viewpoint Survey (FEVs) initiatives

– Knowledge of the OBIM Strategic and IPlans and the linkage of the Human Capital Plan

– The specifics goals and objectives outlined in the Human Capital Plan

– Develop an action plan with high-level milestones

What is the importance and the function of cross-cultural management in international business?

Firstly, there are providing file below about the structure of this essay, in which the required structure file named ‘Tip for second essay (2)’. Please be sure to follow the required structure to write it on.
Secondly, there are providing several relevant materials (journals) below for the literature from tutor. Please ensure the essay is based on it.
Finally, there is also offer a file of Marking Criteria.

Sociology Discussion Board

You are required to write a response with a minimum word count of 150. This assignment is worth 50 points, and thus you must demonstrate critical thinking and maintain an academic writing style (i.e. avoid casual language and proofread your post carefully before submission). Be sure to answer all parts of the assignment and number your responses.

1. Briefly discuss your chosen sociology concept and its definition (you must use APA in-text citations to give credit to your textbook and/or other sources). The least amount of words should be used in this section. More time should be spent on describing the example (#2) and the connection (#3).

2. Clearly describe a real-life example of your chosen sociology concept from the ASU (Arizona State University) Tempe campus. Be specific about what you observed.

3. Explain why you believe there is a connection between the observed example and your chosen sociology concept. Why and how did this example represent the concept?

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