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Self and team evaluation

There are two parts to your paper — 1. self-evaluation(two pages) and 2. team evaluation(two pages).
The first part is where you evaluate yourself and how you worked with your team this semester. You can talk about your leadership, cultural, and communication skills within your team. Make sure to use the concepts discussed in the textbook. You can also focus on differences in perceptions, group change, and emotions. How was your behavior during this course and were there any changes.

For the team evaluation, you can cover the concepts discussed in your self-evaluation, and discuss how the team organized during meetings. What behaviors were normal, what behaviors stood out? How did the team organize (e.g., communication, structure). Did anything change from the first to the last meeting? Who were the powerful members of your team and why. How was leadership exhibited in your meetings? Make sure you tie in the concepts from the textbook.

Get the terms from :
Organizational Behavior, 2e by McShane and VonGlinow
Ch 1-11

space time

Larger Mars. (Short Essay 43 from book)
Suppose Mars was significantly Larger, say the same size as Earth. How would this have affected potential Habitability?

Explain (Essay should be about ½ page long and explain arguments clearly. You can use data from the internet as well.)
Choose one of the Jovian moons:
Ganymede, callisto, titan

Write a small summary of their characteristics and life probability based on the book and research on the internet

Short Essay 38 from the book. Please make thorough account of the advantages and disadvantages as well as limitation. Explain well.

Critical Reaction Paper

Critical Reaction Comparison paper to the Readings

Identify Conflicts and Literacy Development in First and Second Language by Raimundo Mora
Language, Exile, and Discovery
by Pramila Venekatewaran
Learning to Speak: One Woman’s Journey
by Ruby Sport

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