The Spice Ingredient That Can Block Bad Memories’

‘The Spice Ingredient That Can Block Bad Memories’ by Oaklander M., (2014)

  1. Overview after Reading the Headline Only

I expect the study to be about food spices that affect the brain, and I would choose to read the article. The source is not credible as there is no way to confirm its findings and the intended audience is the general public.

  1. Overview of the article in my words

The reported research was about the ability of curcumin (an element found in turmeric) to hinder recalling bad memories. The article was slightly convincing and was interesting. I would recommend it to someone else, and post it to social media.

  1. Details and Background

The article introduces the concept by linking the idea to a previous study and does not list other research done in this field. The hypothesis being tested is whether curcumin blocks bad memory. The image depicts turmeric and makes one to link it with forgetting bad memories. The independent variable is curcumin effects, and the dependent variable is bad memory (Oaklander 1-2).

  1. Participants

Rats are the participants and no number and description about them are given.

  1. Study design

Multiple studies are not described, it is experimental study, the independent variable was operationalized by been injected to the rats and the dependent variable was operationalized by analyzing the brain. The control was operationalized by analyzing the brain of rats that were not injected with curcumin. The participants were blind to condition. There were no other variables controlled.

  1. Results

It describes what was found, and it does not report any statistical results. The results are explained in a way that is easy to understand.

  1. Conclusion

The theoretical contribution of the research is that curcumin can assist PTSD people. The practical contribution of the research is……………

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