the paper has to be identical to the example I have attached also there are some terms need to be used, you can find those terms in the power point attached. All the terms used in the paper have to be BOLD. The Summary part has to be only HALF PAGE, and the response one and half pages. The description is also attached. the summary and response will be on the PAGES from 40-78 Source:STRANGE CASE OF DR.JEKYLL AND MR.HYDE By Louis Stevenson EDITION: 03 PUBLISHER: STERLING

  • Utterson completes Lanyon’s Narrative and learns about Jerkyll’s nature
  • Utterson opens Jekyll letter and learns that
    • He had several faces which he used more often
    • He also learns that he would use the two faces for the sake of different episodes and he never felt guilty at all to taking up Hyde’s body
    • The letter notes that Hyde was the guilt one while Jerkyll was the good one
    • On several occasions he converted into Hyde without taking the portion, one being while he was asleep and another while he was in the park
    • He then uses Lanyon to get the portion for him and that is why they could have separated
    • Later, the narrative notes Jerkyll runs out of the portion and he uses the last component to write a later noting that by the time Utterson reads the letter Jerkyll will be no more

Within the last thirty-eight pages, which are the last chapter of the book, the readers get in touch with the whole story learning the agonies that different characters have to endure. This last chapter adopts the first person point of view to confirm all doubts that arose in the book. The reader learns some of the episodes that must have happened in the book and further it explains why they happened. For example, the reader learns that Hyde and Jerkyll are just but the same person who embodies different personalities. The use of the first person enables the reader to follow the events that ensued in the whole story.

Several conflicts arise from this chapter, the most notable being the person vs. self and the Person vs. society. With the person vs. self the book elaborates on why Jerkyll is trying so hard to be in the seclusion to hide his other self; Hyde. He says “I would be taken with the premonitory shudder; above all, if I slept, or even dozed for a moment in my chair, it was always as Hyde that I awakened” (Stevenson, Davidson and George 46). The conflict between the two selves becomes visible as it later leads Hyde to antagonize the society. On constant occasions, the book notes how he is afraid he might not make it to his house due to the personal transformation especially when he was at the park and he was forced to send Lanyon.

Clearly, the book adopts the genre of a fable that embodies tragedy and horror. The fable aspect arises due to the mystery it has in explaining how an individual is able to convert into another yet possess two different traits as Jerkyll has shown. This episode shows the use of illusion and an extensive level of paradox and irony that creates a high level of suspense. Another literary tool largely applied to show both emphases and to communicate feelings is the tone. The writers widely employ the use of tone by phrasing the words of the characters in a way that a reader gets in touch with their feeling. Take a case of Lanyon who ends his narrative noting that the only hope is for Jerkyll to die. Jerkyll has showed the same aspect as he notes that he and Hyde are two different individuals. In fact, he uses tone to display affection through Jerkyll and blames Hyde for who he has turned out to be. The extensive use of tone also elaborates the theme human duality.


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