strategic management

Task description

  1. Arrange to sit in on decision making meetings at the operational and strategic management levels within your organisation.
  2. Note the nature of problems dealt with at each level. Are they tame or wicked?
  3. Note the approach to decision making for each type of problem that you have identified. In particular discuss whether the approaches are qualitative or quantitative in nature. Are the approaches appropriate for the type of problem?
  4. Finally, track the decision making process. Does it comply with rational problem solving approach suggested by Williams(2002)?
  5. Do you have any recommendations for decision makers at various levels in your organisation based on your understanding of theory frameworks?

Assessment Format

A report addressing the two types of meetings, operational and strategic, then responding to the question for each area.  Refer to the Student Handbook for more information.

Assessment Criteria

  • Evidence of decisions identified in both Strategic and Operational level meetings
  • Assessment of each of the decisions or problems as either tame or wicked against appropriate criteria.
  • Clearly described approach/es taken for decision-making in both meetings, together with effective discussion of type’s (qualitative or quantitative) and appropriateness
  • Effective tracking of the decision-making process against William’s rational problem- solving approach
  • Recommendations articulated well and clearly drawn from analysis.
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