PowerPoint presentation of the strategic plan using guidelines for development of effective presentations

Prepare a professional PowerPoint presentation of the strategic plan using guidelines for development of effective presentations:

PowerPoint Do’s and Don’ts pdf Format the Strategic Plan presentation using the guidelines listed below. You will need Microsoft PowerPoint or a compatible presentation application to complete this assignment. Your PowerPoint should consist of no more than 15 slides, excluding the reference slide(s). A minimum of six references should support the plan and evaluation methods. Data sources should be documented using APA 6th edition format. Content: Organize the presentation according to the criteria below: Introduction Using my organizational assessment data that I will upload, identify one specific measurable objective for improvement of organizational practices that facilitate the improvement of Healthcare delivery within your selected agency. Review of Relevant Literature Review the literature relevant to the project. Goal Statement State the overall goal of the project. Establish objectives that are measurable, realistic, and timely for improving or establishing organizational practice. Action Plan Create a detailed, timed action plan (who, what, when, where, and how) for implementation, taking into consideration accountable persons, resources needed (human and material), and marketing activities to promote success. Consider the practical aspects such as personnel, committees, and organizational structure when developing the plan. Evaluation Determine evaluation methods including measurement methods, timing, responsible parties, and expected levels of performance to document achievement of objectives. Summary & Conlcusion of the strategic plan using guidelines.

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