SUNCORP GROUP LIMITED , a company listed on the ASX, Australia.

The assignment size should be approximately 4000 words (+/- 5%) excluding endnotes, references and footnotes.

Harvard style referencing system required for the assignment. The referencing should be accurate and updated.

The Company assignment should include at least the following things:

a) An introduction.
b) Background of the company; origins; industry classification; management including governance issues.
c) Investment decisions taken.
d) Sources of funds, including reference to markets, instruments and institutions used.
e) Uses of funds. Where possible comments on the matching principle could be made.
f) Analysis of the sources and uses of funds.
g) Analysis of profit/loss/balance sheet.
h) Share price fluctuations; market capitalisation.
i) Competitiveness in the market.
j) Findings.
k) Conclusion and recommendations [if any].

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