Sustainability in Engineering

You are required to reflection and think critically (analyse and judge in relation to the theories and case studies) about ideas and practices that relate to you personally during workshops one and two in ENG93000. You are to draw links of your experience and learning with the literature, theories and examples (case studies). You caninsert the correct Part A as part of the final assessment.

Hint! Look at the Reflective writing PDF on Black Board

General Guiding information for the Assessments:

  • Start writing early
  • Please ensure that you go and visit the library to give you some assistance and how to search for academic journals
  • As discussed in class for you must read widely and deeply
  • Focus on the current academic literature i.e. 2010 to 2018
  • Think, for instance about the materials used for production, the energy and other materials consumed in operation, the human resources needed, and where impacts (both positive and negative) from the activities in your practice area will occur.
  • Remember to think about sustainability in engineering when looking for sources and potential impact on environmental, social and economic factors.
  • Please use your imagination by providing graphs, tables, charts, and so on
  • References table’s charts, appendices are not included in the word count.
  • Please review the associated marking guide so that you can meet all the requirements.
  • Please ensure that your document is written legibly so that it will be acceptable in an academic and industry context.
  • Please note that failure to meet the minimum appropriate academic references will automatically result in a maximum mark of 40% for the complete assignment as you have not based your literature review in evidence based research.
  • Refer to the links that have put up on blackboard to assist you. For example the library libguids, how to write a report, how to search for academic journals, and so on.
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