Sustainable Tourism Management

– Submit the assignments in word or other editable documents but not in form of PDF JPG etc.

– No assignments are to be received through emails and no late submissions allowed. 


Please answer question one and question two. Upload both of the questions together in one document.

Question 1. Word limit 3000 – 6000 words

Choose a tourism destination and a type of tourism amongst the following ones:

– eco-tourism

– geo tourism

– cultural tourism

– responsible tourism

Produce a reference written paper that contains the following tasks:

a) Explain the importance of the sustainable tourism activities for the selected type of tourism in the destination

b) Reflect upon the carrying capacity of the destination

c) Identify and discuss benefits of the sustainable tourism products to the different stakeholders involved

d) Analyze factors that may prevent/hinder sustainable tourism development for the type of tourism you selected

e) Suggest possible markets for these products- identify key countries that they could market to?

f) Discuss the future development of sustainable tourism in the destination

Question 2. Word limit 800 – 1500 words

Reflect upon the need for environmental awareness and education for sustainable tourism

  • Use at least one theory to support your views and ideas
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