Systems Analysis & Design

Systems Analysis & Design

1- What is the difference between Flowchart and Data Flow Diagram?

2- Explain what is the context data flow diagram?(Chapter #9)

3- What are some advantages and disadvantages of the model-driven approach?

4- What are the four steps in a system development process? what happens in each step?

5- Project Managers and Systems Analyst share very similar roles and responsibilities. Conversely, the have different levels of responsibilities. As it relates to business, what components drive the necessities for each role?

6- What are the two common types of system requirements? Describe and provide an example for each type of requirement.

Please pick three questions of the questions above and answer them.
Each answer must be at least 100 words and referenced using correct APA style. At least one refrains in each answer.

1- Your answer to a student’s proposed question must be at least 100 words, well structured, and supported by our textbook or any other scholarly article. The support must be cited and referenced using correct APA style.

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