Tech Comm assignment

1. Your Tech Comm assignment, with detailed instructions

2. The "Technical Communication" overview and Worksheet. Pay special attention to the "Fast Facts about Tech Comm" on the right-hand column, which provide the most helpful description.

3. An example student report. Her design and use of visual elements are good, although there are some typos and don’t use a colon (:) after a heading. Furthermore, her discussions are a bit thin – you could go into a bit more depth. Note: these students had to analyze 3 documents; you only need to work with two documents.

Finally, the last two items are the actual DOCUMENTS TO ANALYZE FOR THE PROJECT:

a) The nutrition label from the side of a box of cereal; the cereal is called "Life." For this project, consider the entire side of the box. Notice ALL the details beyond the obvious,too, including fine print, logos, etc — some of this material you normally do not pay attention to. Consider: if "no one" reads some of this stuff, then why is it included?

b) The April 2017 "Top Health Newsletter" which is emailed to ALL University of Nebraska employees each month. Consider the genre of newsletter: what is its purpose? Consider, too, that we all receive this newsletter even though we did not sign up for it. Again, after you explore the obvious material (content, layout, etc.), consider some of the other details: Who is "Personal Best" or Oakstone, and what is a "Smart Moves Toolkit"? how many shapes of hearts can you find? Why would NU "University-Wide Benefits Committee" send this to every NU employee every month?

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