The environmental impact of producing products is important

The environmental impact of producing products is important

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Aspect of sustainability. The introduction to this topic has you the theoretical
Introduction to LCA according to DIN.
For the exam, the task is a comparative ecological consideration
based on the DIN 14040 / 14044. The focus is on the packaging. Therefore
you have received a product in the lecture. Search for this product
same product in a different packaging (size / material / presentation etc.).
These two packages can be compared from the perspective of environmental impact.
In the housework the following points have to be worked on:
– Comparative ecological consideration of the two packaging based on
to DIN 14040 and 14044
– Processing of the four phases based on the lecture notes for both
Packaging (the content – product – does not need to be considered, it can as
self-created material to be carried)
– Presentation and calculation with umberto, impact categories: those in the
umberto version are possible
– Processing of min. two sensibility tests
– Preparation of a home-work

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