The Impact of Music Therapy on Mental Health

Please write an annotated bibliography on The Impact of Music therapy on Mental Health for 
Infants – Children- Adolescents – Adults – Seniors

Your annotated reference list must contain at least 10 sources. 
At least two of them should be derived from books. 
At least two others should be derived from academic journals or papers. The remainder can be online sources. NO WIKIPAGES.
For each source, provide the full bibliographic information in APA format. Then write your annotation for that reference. 
Your annotations should each be several sentences long. Fragments are OK. Your annotations must serve at least two of the following three purposes. They should:

1.Summarize the resource’s main points, focusing on the relevant details for your purposes
2.Analyze how the resource compares to the others you have read, noticing similarities,differences, strengths, and weaknesses
3.Explain how the resource will be useful to you as you move forward: where you might include it in your work or what new questions and ideas you now want to pursue further.

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