The Man of Feeling

This is a final paper for reading Henry Mackenzie’s novel The Man of Feeling. The writer must be someone who have the novel. The professor requires (10) pages of close reading of the novel which means providing my own ideas without citing any outside resources. what are the textual evidences that the novel is sentimental? “provide reading and analysis of crying scenes”. Part of the novel is anti-sentimental “for example the hero’s story is delivered to the readers by(unnamed) narrator..what does this indicate? Also, how the fragmented narrative effect our reading experience as readers?. Consider the quick and interrupted courtship plot in the novel, how does it indicate its anti-sentimentality?
What Mackenzie is trying to do or say through this?

*Watch out including plot summary in view of literary analysis. DO NOT summarize the plot.

*Do not mention any general information when was the novel written etc, begin with the paper with close reading.

Please request this paper this paper with us.

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