The Queensland firm

The group report must total around 2300 words, including in-text citations and appendices but not counting the group contract, required tables, and reference list. There is no 10% leeway. No executive summary or table of contents is required. The report should have the following sections:

The word count must be included on the title page. In-text citations and referencing MUSTbe completed using the APA 6 style.

For this assignment, you are expected to draw on and demonstrate what you have learned in the course, by contributing to the submission of a structured and reasoned argument in support of the proposed recruitment and selection process. In addition to using the prescribed textbook and the readings provided, your group is expected to support its analysis by reference to the academic literature, which includes a MINIMUM number of 8 academic/refereed sources (i.e. academic journals only). Failure to meet this requirement will result in a reduction to the marks awarded for your report.

The report is to be uploaded electronically as a MS Word file (PDF files will NOT be accepted for assessment) via the L@G course website. Hard or email copies will NOT be accepted as satisfying the submission requirements and will not be marked. You are strongly encouraged to submit the report as early as possible and not wait until the last minute. Extensions of time are not given for submission problems you experience because of your poor time management


The Queensland firm requires an effective recruitment and selection process for the employment of its first Store Manager in its Tasmanian ‘flagship’ store scheduled to open in Hobart in the second half of the year. This is a full-time, ongoing position with career development opportunities. External recruitment is necessary, as no internal candidates have been found suitable or available for the position; and it is desirable to have the new manager commence within 10 weeks if possible. For the Position Description and Required Tables, see below.

Acting as HR professionals, your group has been asked to prepare a proposal for consideration by senior management. The proposal should be clear and explained sufficiently for its implementation to occur without extensive elaboration to be required. In describing your proposed process, your group should ensure that all the Required Tables are completed and discussed for each stage of the report (see above), including the following key elements:

  • Identify and briefly explain the basis on which the organization aims to compete in the market, and explain the staffing requirements that will need to be addressed to support the organization’s competitive approach;
  • Propose and justify an Employment Value Proposition(Required Table 2) that OZStyle4U should offer to attract an adequate number of high quality applicants for the specified position. This should be generally consistent with the organization’s business, HR and staffing strategies (Required Table 1) and draw on the full set of inducements the company is willing and able to offer employees. The proposed EVP should also reflect the job requirements matrix (Required Table 3);
  • Outline and justify recruitment and sourcing activitiesthat will be effective in attracting quality applicants. The plan should include a job advertisement for placement on the company’s ‘Careers’ webpage that is directed towards applicants of the type and calibre it wishes to attract (Required Tables 4 & 5);
  • Outline and justify an assessment plan (Required Table 6) based on the job requirements matrix and person specification for the position (Required Table ????). The plan must include, as one of the proposed predictors (i.e. selection methods), a panel-based interview for which must be provided two sample questions with model answers and the scoring systemthat a selection panel would use for evaluating candidate answers (Required Table 7). The assessment plan must also include other predictors (e.g. application form, personality testing, job knowledge test, work samples, reference checking, etc.) which, in conjunction with the panel-based interview, you believe would form the best way of assessing each candidate’s suitability based on cost, reliability,
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