The Role of Women in Development of Science and Engineering

The Role of Women in Development of Science and Engineering

Write an essay reviewing what role have women played in the development of Science/ Engineering and technology. How has technological change affected the roles of women and ideas of gender?

Follow following guidelines:
Your report should be neat, free of grammatical errors and easy to follow.
1. Your paper should be 9 pages long, double spaced using Time New Romans font size 12.
2. You can use course readings/Power point slides.
3. You must reference at least six resources other than course required readings.
4. Adding statistical information may help in supporting your argument.
5. Your header should include the title and author at top of each page.
6. Your paper should include an introduction and have an end with conclusion section.
7. Appropriate figures and tables could be included.
8. Submit your paper in MS Word, or PDF only.

Grading system: Points
1. Originality, obviously your input in it, not copied 10
2. Effort/interest showed, excellent preparation 10
3. Good illustration/description, topic clearly explained & sharp writing 10

Sample Paper

The Role of Women in Development of Science and Engineering


There is significant progress that has been made towards the integration of women into the fields of Science, Engineering and Technology, however, despite the efforts; the numbers of women in these fields were still alarmingly low. By the year 1998, women engineers in the United States still formed less than 10% of all engineers and in the same year, women recipients of Ph.Ds. in computer science was still below 17% (White 1). Comparing other professional women such as psychologists and sociologists where the women account for over 50% of the workforce it was possible to see the underrepresentation of women in Science fields where for instance women physicist form only 9% of the workforce (White 1). According to White (1), girls are found to be lagging behind the boys in their hands-on-experiences in the sciences as early as age nine which diminishes their interest and pleasure in the sciences by the time they are teenagers.

The 20th century saw women make significant progress in terms of their participation in the work force and the science and technology terrain has also improved the days when there were no schools or workplaces for women to learn or apply themselves. These numbers may have improved significantly in the last two decades but these women who have chosen science career paths find themselves against numerous challenges at work from the point of being recruited, retained or advancing in their career. The women population is a critical segment of the worldwide population and yet underserved. Huge corporations are projecting that demographically the population of men is not sufficient to fill all the available jobs now and certainly not capable of filling the vacancies that will be available in the future. This fact makes it of paramount importance to increase the participation of women in the work force.

Importance of Science, Engineering and Technology

Although implicit, social change is at the center of science and technology because science and technology is overall a tool for change. Like, everyone else, women want to see developments in the areas they deem fundamental to their well-being. Over the centuries women have wanted and fought for change and also over the century’s science and technology has been the driver of actual social change, from the weaving looms to the computers (Hays and Farhar 17). This assertion makes it imperative for women to understand and view science and technology as the driver of change. Locking out women from technological and scientific training, results into their marginalization, this then leads to their thinking of themselves as separate from the process of change. It is necessary for both men and women to be involved equally in conceptualizing, designing, managing and utilizing of science and technology if there is to be maximized impact in society (Rathgeber 2). More importantly women should join the ranks of decision-makers, producers and developers in order to make sure that the technologies that are being developed are designed to meet the needs and preferences of both men and women.

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