A simple survey theft/stealing ( bike, purse, food, medical supplies )

A simple survey theft/stealing ( bike, purse, food, medical supplies )

Conduct a brief survey of at least 10 people regarding an issue or topic of your choice related to
sociology. Look at the chapter titles in the book for ideas. In a brief summary paper include the
survey, summarize your findings, and draw conclusions regarding your research.

A Survey on Prevalence of Theft


This paper is based on a survey carried out to investigate the prevalence of theft on basic items such as bikes, purse, food and medical supplies.

Summary of the Findings

The survey adopted a questionnaire method to illicit responses from ten respondents six of whom were male and four were female. The first aspect that the paper focused on was the rate of prevalence on these items today. This question adopted a likert scale of one to five noting the values of the continuum from low to high prevalence. Ten, seventy, and twenty percent were the figures tagged on scales five, four and three respectively. The Second aspect investigated whether there are enough checks and balances to curb the prevalence. Seventy percent of the respondents noted the checks are not enough while thirty noted there are enough checks. Ten percent of this noted they were not sure what to respond in regards to this aspect.

When asked whether a certain gender is vulnerable to theft, a sixty percent of the respondent noted that gender was a factor while further a sixty-six of this figure thought women were vulnerable as opposed to the forty-four percent who thought men are the vulnerable gender. The remaining forty and twenty percent noted that gender is not a factor and they were not sure whether gender was an issue respectively. When asked to rate what they thought to be the level of theft on these items from the high target to the low target they all unanimously agreed that Purse, bike, food and medical supplies was the order of preference.


The survey finds out that there is a high level of prevalence of theft and people across various divides claim that theft is not curbed well by the existing authorities. Therefore, there is need for all the parties to carry out their roles with the victims being advised to also be vigilant to avoid being vulnerable.



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