Three Days Trip to Bulgaria

Three Days Trip to Bulgaria

Start of the Trip

The Aeroflot Airways charges $831 for a trip with one stop from John F. Kennedy International Airport (JKF) in New York to Sofia Airport in the Bulgaria capital city of Sofia. The flight will have one stop at Sheremetyevo (SVO) Airport (in Russia) for 2 hours and 45 minutes. The whole journey will take 15 hours. On the other hand, the Alitalia Airways similar flight cost $ 644 from JKF to Sofia Airport. The flight will a one stop at Milan–Malpensa Airport in Milan. The flight will take total 8 hours and 25 minutes. Given the tow options I would opt for Bulgaria Air (Alitalia) ticket.

Figure 1.0 air ticket prices of Air Aeroflot and Alitalia

After arriving at the Sofia Airport, I will take a tax from the Sofia Airport to the Radisson Blu Grand Hotel, Sofia (at accost of $12) where I will spend the first night at accost of $ 22.4 per night. The total breakfast and supper will cost $ 32.2. The figure 2.0 below shows Radisson Blu Grand Hotel. The second day I will spend the second night at

Figure 2.0 he Radisson Blu Grand Hotel

First day

I will travel from the city of Sofia to Plovdiv by which is a 1 hour and 30 minutes journey (a distance of 145 kilometers). After arriving at the Plovdiv we will begin the first day by visiting Bachkovo Monastery and Plovdiv, which is north of Rose Valley of the Kazanlak. The following map indicates the route followed from the capital city of Sofia to the Plovdiv

Figure 3.0 distance from city of Sofia to Plovdiv…………..

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