Tips for employees to improve the effectiveness of their skills

Tips for employees to improve the effectiveness of their skills

Tips for employees to improve the effectiveness of their skills

Communication Guide and Presentation

Consider the following scenario: Your Learning Team makes up the training department of a thriving company that has grown quickly, leading to inconsistencies in communication practices. Leadership has tasked your team with creating a guide and a presentation that reviews best practices for effective organizational communication for all employees.

This assignment will be completed in two parts: part one is due in Week 3; part two is due in Week 5.

Part One: Communication Guide

Divide the list of the following communication skills between members of your Learning Team: each member will research his or her assigned topic(s). Ensure all topics are covered in the final assignment:

  •   do giving and receiving feedback

Research strategies and best practices for improving these communication skills in the workplace.

Select relevant content to share with employees, considering the following:

  • Audience – What does this audience need to know?
  • Channel – What is the best medium for communicating this      information?
  • Establishing credibility – How will you get your audience to trust      your information?
  • Tone and word choice – What language is appropriate to use for      this situation?

Write a guide that outlines your tips for employees to improve the effectiveness of their skills with these types of organizational communication. Address the following in no more than 150 words for each skill:

  • Current barriers to improving this skill and how to prevent or overcome them

Format your guide according to APA guidelines; it should be easy to read and reference.

Format your references according to APA guidelines, including all resources from your research and visuals used in your presentation. Include citations in the speaker notes or on a sep

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