Top Five Coca Cola Beverage Brands

What is your source for the (Coca Cola)”top 5 beverage brands” statistic? That source should tell you HOW they are being measured. Use the Coca Cola Company and 1 source

Top Five Coca Cola Beverage Brands

For the last century, Coca-Cola company brands have been dominating after being created and introduced to the markets. In each of the areas where they are developed around the world, the brands adopt its unique niche of customers establishing its own ties and escalate its value exponentially each day. In effect, different institutions and organizations have been developing their own theories on ways in which they can measure the value of each brands. This review looks at the five top brands and how they have been measured.

In each of the study of the brand, different organization use the brand equity which focuses on four main aspects, perceived quality, its awareness, association and loyalty. In each of the aspects customers around the world offer, their views on what they believe would make up the value of the brand.

Coca Cola- It is the most popular brand and was established in 1886 and patented in 1887. Being the tag of the company, it is hard to substantiate between the brand value and the company name since they are more or less similar. However, in a study by conducted in 2009, Coca-Cola emerged the top and being value at $69 billion dollars by 2011, the value had rose to $74 billion and by 2015 the value was at $179.9 billion dollars

Fanta was introduced in 1940 and it arises as the second oldest brand to the company. In the league tables, Fanta has been ranked at 178 in the US 500 and 7 in the soft top ten soft drinks. This are the statistics as of 2015. The estimated total value in figures is about 3.3 billion dollars (Brand Directory, 2015).

Sprite- Despite being the third, it is the second top most brand of Coca-Cola brand, Its valued at position five in the top ten soft drinks in US. The estimated total value in figures is about 3.9 billion dollars (Brand Directory, 2015).

Diet Coke is the fourth best performing brand as presented by Forbes and as of 2014 was ranked at third best performing brands. Its value is estimated to fall in the millions though yet to be clearly established (Coca Cola, 2015).

Cola Zero although yet to be in the top chats Coke Zero passed the sale mark of One billion dollars making it the fifth most preferred drink. Its uniqueness to focusing on calorie conscious male consumers has led it to the fifth of the category. In its own statistics, Coca-Cola rates it score at 5.3 out of 10 (Coca Cola, 2015).


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