Topic: Effects of Marijuana Legalization

Topic: Effects of Marijuana Legalization

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all i need is statistics which discusses the problem in depth. So provide me with statistics which show the extent of the problem on national and regional levels. Your report should include 2 figures or graphs that visually illustrate the extent of the problem. Please use the dissertation provided. use the info from dissertation to create the graphs and tables.
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Review of Related Literature on the Effects of Marijuana Legalization






The legalization of marijuana can easily serve as a divisive issue for society. Despite the fact that marijuana has been categorized as an illegal substance with various detrimental side effects, there are still sectors of society who espouse the advantages of using cannabis for medicinal purposes. In relation to this, various researchers throughout the years have performed studies which have been able to provide definitive evidence for both sides of the issue. It is also perhaps this scenario which may have led the various states to take on differing stances when it comes to the legalization of marijuana for medicinal as well as recreational purposes.

The following sections will be providing a discussion on both the potential beneficial and adverse effects of the legalization of marijuana, population of interest, legal considerations as well as perspectives on the issue in the international context. Lastly, the final segment of the paper would then summarize the key points presented in the previous sections.

Potential Benefits

According to Philipsen, et al. (2014), stated that the decision by healthcare practitioners to recommend the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes in the United States has been influenced primarily by different policies and beliefs rather than empirical evidence. Numerous areas of concern were identified in relation to the legalization of marijuana such as the conflicting reports on the therapeutic advantages and adverse effects to health with regards to using cannabis, as well as the noticeable discrepancies which exist between state and federal laws. Based on current empirical evidence, medical marijuana supported therapeutic benefits, such as enhanced moods, relaxation, control nausea and vomiting as well as pain relief, and appetite stimulation, which far outweighed its adverse effects of increased heart rate and impaired neurocognitive functions. Support for marijuana legislation has grown due to the ethical responsibility of healthcare professionals that should provide a better quality of life and health outcomes to the sick and suffering.

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