Topic: Online Grocery Store RESEARCH ELEMENTS

Topic: Online Grocery Store RESEARCH ELEMENTS
this RESEARCH ELEMENTS should base on at least 100 survey and 5 interviews.

Introduction (600 – 800 words) 5 1) Define the Business Concept 2) Identify the value the business will provide to customers 3) State clearly the purpose of the dissertation 4) State clearly the objectives and research question for the project (Define appropriately any applicable specialist terms used within the dissertation)
Literature Review (2000 – 2500 words) 10 6) Explain the purpose of the review and its significance to the business concept 7) Analyse related work in the field 8) Select sources that are current, relevant and reliable 9) Demonstrate evidence of reading around the topic 10) Evaluate the relevance of referenced material to the business concept 11) Construct a conclusion or summary explaining the relevance of the literature review
Methodology (1800 – 2200 words) 10 12) Define purpose and relevance of research 13) Explain and justify the choice of research tools 14) Demonstrate how tools and design of research are suitable for achieving valid answers to the research question(s) 15) Identify sample type, and rationale for choice of sample 16) Describe and evaluate steps taken to test quality and performance of research tools and techniques before they are applied in the field 17) Outline clearly how the research was carried out 18) Explain if sample is representative, and if not, the impact of the sampling method on the research outcomes 19) Assess the effects of bias, and steps taken to control the effect of bias on the research 20) Appraise any other issues of validity and reliability
Ethics (200 – 400 words) 5 21) Identify ethical and cultural considerations that specifically relates to the research that was undertaken 22) Evaluate ethical and cultural considerations and justify procedures followed 23) Outline measures taken to address issues of anonymity, informed consent, and nondisclosure of information, and ensure the appropriateness for research undertaken 24) Assess any risks to participants and methods employed for reducing these risks 25) Explain processes for data storage, and ultimate destruction Results (3500 -4500 words) 15 26) Explain how the method of analysis suits the research design 27) Demonstrate clear knowledge of appropriate data analysis techniques 28) Justify and explain the selection and relevance of data used 29) Perform comprehensive analysis of data and information 30) Demonstrate suitable methods for presentation of findings, including written syntheses, and use of tables, charts, and other graphic means 31) Evaluate the relevance of the research findings in the context of the dissertation

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