Topic: Opportunities and Challenges of jewellery industry in the EU : the case study of PANDORA

Topic: Opportunities and Challenges of jewellery industry in the EU : the case study of PANDORA

I would like to get the literature reviews (from two sources) that relate to the growth of jewellery market in Europe more than about PANDORA. And also want it to show opportunities and growth for the industry, as well as the direction of industry to either rise or fall

I will provide you a pattern of review I would like you to do.

This section has provided the basic knowledge about fashion industry and its prosperity that has pushed forward a related industry, jewelry and gems, to share the same healthy growth in this recent year. The success is earned not only in European countries, but also the rest of the world. However, this research will scope on the analysis of European brand through the case of Pandora. To begin, a brief introduction about fashion industry is given to present its influence toward jewelry market. Secondly, an overview of the jewelry industry specifically in the EU in order to scope the knowledge background for European jewelry company, Pandora Group.


The success of fashion industry and its contribution to jewelry industry


                      There is no clear evidence pointing out an exact beginning of fashion industry but the research of Bhardwaj and Fairhurst (2009) noted that it has been evolved overtime through several factors for example the development of mass production, a transformation of social value, and the higher standard of living as well. These have enhanced fashion industry to be ‘multi-dollar’ industry. According to JEC United State Congress (2015), it globally made $1.2 trillion and more than one-fourth of global income was from the United State of America. Because of the freshness of the business, many investors have channeled as opportunity to blossom. In order to succeed in this business, it is important for firms to focus on value-adding activity so that firms could implement their production and fulfill the demand of customers. Gereffi and Frederick (2010) presented that branding management and marketing are part of its success. However, another perspective needed to be concerned is the manufacturing process and the commodity of products by simply outsourcing their production in order to create cost efficiency and at the same increase net profit to the company. Figure 1 has presented the flow of capital

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