Tropicana Rebranding

Tropicana Rebranding

Tropicana Company committed a major mistake by changing the packaging of its product. The company failed to take into consideration the role played by packaging design and branding, and its connection with merchandising. Many consumers could not recognize the newly designed products on the supermarket shelves leading to 20% sales decline. The package did not have main reference elements that was used to recognize the brand such as the original logo and ‘orange with straw’. On addition, the brand slogan changed to ‘100% orange’ from the usual ‘pure premium’, adding more confusion to consumers.

To counteract the initial negative response to the new product packaging, first, Tropicana should rebrand its product gain. The rebranding should correct the earlier mistake where the company changed many elements leading to consumers’ confusion. The company should ensure that it has not changed everything at once. This will help to regain consumers’ confidence about the quality of the product (Ambrose & Harris, 2011). Second, the company should invest more in audiovisual advertising. This will help to launch the newly designed Tropicana and help to restore consumer’s confidence on the product (Klimchuk & Krasovec, 2012).

Gold Reling’s brand tries to express the attributes of the company in a unique and memorable way. I would prioritize the attributes that are important to the target market of the new market as follows:

  1. High quality: quality of the product has to be superior to create customer loyalty.
  2. Easy to Use: products that are complicated to use, will turn customers offer.
  3. Urban: a tablet should stand out and be unique from others.

Hi-Tech: customers look for te……………………..


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