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Each student is to select a type of long term or residential care and research this category in depth. Information that needs to be researched is the history of the type of care provided. a description of the facility selected, an evaluation/analysis of the pluses and minuses of the care provided by the facility including physical setting and healthcare provider aspects, cost, other patient options, impact of legislation on care and suggestions for improvement. The assignment must be written in the student”s own words in a grammatically correct manner. Include advertising materials or brochures from the facility if available. The typewritten (12 point font, Times New Roman), double-spaced part of the report should be 5-6 pages long. MLA format for documentation should be followed. The Paper will be submitted trough SafeAssign on Blackboard in Week 8.

It is recommended that you visit your chosen facility for full awarding of points towards your grade.

If unable to visit, inform me at your earliest convenience.

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I have send this already to you directly earlier but just in case you didn”t see it yet

Hello for this paper the nursing home I choose was trump pavilion in Jamaica queens ny.. What I needyou to do is go to the website and do as much readerch you can about the facility ….how much bed they have what they offer the location they are in what type offood they offer shod they change iT up more add more variety .. What is there rating do they have any violation what activity they have do they go on trips what you think about the facility it is basically to research the facility as much as possible this is a cite homes search .cfm. You would have to go and search for the trump pavilion and write what violations they had how long they took to fix it what was it for …… Thanks also I have to submit my paper through safe assign so I beg ease be careful with citing and plagiarism ….let me know if you need anything else thanks

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