UK Immigration Law 2014

Overview of the Immigration Law 2014

            The new immigration law was passed in May 2014 after in-depth debate by MPs. The new was crafted in a way that it would be favorable to the general public in British as well as lawful migrants and hostile to people who are in the country illegally. The Act contains a set of 77 clauses that establishes a new system of immigration rules and procedures. The Act seeks to limit those factors which attract illegitimate migrants to UK as well as easing the process of removing unlawful immigrants in the country. The new Act also accommodates other laws which touch on the plight of the immigrants in the country such as the European Human Rights Act. Basically, the new law looks forward to ensuring that the systems and processes of immigration in the country work to the best interest of the nation at large. Through the new law, the UK government aims at strengthening the current immigration reforms in the country (BBC, 2014).

Cohen, Humphries and Mynott (2014) indicate that the major aim of the new Act of immigration is to restrict unlawful entry of people into the country. The new law has toughened the control mechanisms at border entry points as well as in major airports in the country. The process of issuing UK Visas has been greatly affected by the new piece of legislation. The law seeks to ensure that only those who hold valid immigration documents should be in the country. Previously, the number of reasons prompting to immigration decisions into UK that were acceptable by the authorities stood at 17. The new Act restricted the reasons for immigration to 4. Additionally, the current law stipulates that the immigrants may be deported pending the hearing of their appeal for legal passage into the country. The decision for temporal deportation prior to hearing appeal is probable where there is no potential risk of…

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